Sunday, October 30, 2011

Turn off the lights and write "I don't see why we need............Writing lesson

     I don't see why we need so much light anyway.  I can write in the dark if I have to.  Blind people do it.  Just look away from your paper or close your eyes and see how it goes.  It may turn out crooked but so what?  Use a ruler to stay straight or your arm.  I just closed my eyes and used my arm.  You may be able to think better without light.  You have heard the phrase "the lights are on but no body's home?"  Trying to see if my thoughts are stronger and longer.  It seems like sometimes I can write nonstop once I start a subject but not always.  I can't write as fast as the words are popping into my head.  That's when a computer comes in handy except I really think a person needs to really feel the writing and to actually write to remember what you write.  Could be wrong though.  Been wrong before.  Once.  Ha!  I'm not going to remember what I wrote here.  Can't read my hand writing sometimes either when I write so fast.  Most of the time what I write on the computer turns out o-k I think.  It's just that I get distracted a lot writing out in public because of noise or constant passerbyer's.  Once I loose a train of thought when writing, it's just gone.  End of story.  Can't get it back.  A thought that was blazing like a wildfire.  I'm writing so fast this new ink pen is skipping.  The ink can't keep up.  That's blazing a story.  This book I'm using for writing lessons "The Write Brain" by Bonnie Neubauer is exceptional.  Of course some lessons I can't even get started with so I just go on to another until I find one I can blaze with.  Pretty sloppy with my eyes closed.  I stopped writing with my eyes closed before I finished the first page.  Writing so fast some of the letters in some words are out of order.  Not suppose to stop and correct but I have done so several times in this lesson.  You are just suppose to write, write, write until the well of thought runs dry, or until you are interrupted or distracted and the train of thought comes to a halt.  The End.  Could go on with this one but don't think it's anything anyone will be interested in reading.  It's rather boring even to the writer...........

Note: This writing lesson, "turn off the lights and write" (but not the contents) was taken from the book, "The Write Brain" by Bonnie Neubauer.

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