Monday, November 14, 2011

The Jungle - Writing Lesson # 2

Is to make Ec-Dys-I-Ast a real word with a definition.  I'm to start out with:  it all started when...... my sweet friend Ralph asked me to go to a drum circle at what turned out to be a really cool resort.  It was ecdysiast! (pronounced eekDIZeeAST meaning fantabulous!  The resort and the people were beautiful, peaceful, clean and out in the country.  The drum circle was spectacular!  My friend was very enjoyable and really good company.  I for one can hardly wait to return.  The only thing I didn't like was we had to leave too soon.  We took our time returning by stopping here and there with yet another thrilling adventure.  We stopped at this botanical garden which is a beautiful serene place full of color and nature.  We were having so much fun running around taking pictures and enjoying everything around us and each other's company that we lost track of time and ended up getting locked in.  Trapped in a garden of beauty!  With someone who's company you actually enjoy!  Only something most dream of.  There was a vegetable garden with luscious purple egg plants, beautiful green and yellow okra, varieties of squash and other garden vegetables.  An herb garden with fresh green succulent garlic plants, the fresh sweet smell of rosemary, basil, mints, stevia and much more along with many beautiful trees including fruit trees of mango and fruits I have never heard of as well as many flowers and other plants.  Ponds of water winding through here and there filled with lovely rich green lily pods and huge white flowers.  Breath taking scenes of little bridges, some with cute old fashioned looking benches set under the trees and above the brook.  Even a maze to get lost in, created with hedges.  We had to duck huge fat spiders clustered here and there in large webs spun from tree to tree and hedge to hedge a lot but even that was fun and made us giggle.  It was Vundabar!  We goofed around like children playing, laughing and being silly.  We toyed with the idea of spending the night and how we would survive with no bathroom or food.  Not that we would starve to death in one night without food.  The bathroom could have been a problem with it being a public place, though we were out of sight.  We had shelter from the weather with plenty of trees.  The sprinklers surprised us when they came on while we were wondering about but we ran through them to cool off giggling like children again.  Then we decided to go hunt for food when we saw a jogger run by which made us become paranoid that we would get into trouble for trespassing.  We walked the fence a time or two seeking an unfound escape route then we decided it was best if we called someone to help us escape our entrapment in this heavenly garden of Eden, not that we wanted to, or at least I didn't.  My sweet Ralph made several calls and alas after a few very enjoyable hours we were freed to go back to the reality of every day life in .............................the other jungle.

Note: This writing lesson, "A perfect adventure" (but not the contents of the story) was taken from the book, "The Write Brain", by Bonnie Neubauer.

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