Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Scarf - Writing Lesson - Write four textures

     My son bought me a beautiful scarf for my birthday years ago.  I still have it and I love it!  A colorful scarf with a square design and frill hanging all around.  It feels silky soft and I like to wear it with a coat just draped around behind the collar and hanging down the sides in front as it is fairly long.  I can actually wear it with several different garments because of the colors of blue, green, yellow and red.  Sometimes I wear it with a a blouse  or dress wrapped around my neck in different ways.  I even wear it as a belt with some dresses.  This scarf is almost big enough to wear as a blouse, a summer blouse I mean if you wrap it a certain way, but not quite.  Well it might be now since I'm at the weight I was as a teenager.  I think it is a mixture of cotton, maybe spiced up with some rayon.  Not sure but it is as soft as velvet and really pretty.  Sometimes I wear scarves tied around my neck wet on a hot day if I'm out and about but this one is too long and the material would be too hot.  I have really gotten a lot of use out of it for years and will be able to use it for years to come.  Then if it gets faded or worn looking I can still use it as a cloth cover for a small table.  I'm a real recycler.  There are many ways to recycle it if I want to but If it becomes too frail I'll probably put it away as a keepsake.  It doesn't take up too much space.

Note: This writing lesson, "write four textures" (but not the contents) was taken from the book, "The Write Brain" by Bonnie Neubauer.

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