Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Writing Lesson # 1 - Pick 3 Words From The List

     The words I picked were:  Gerbil, harried and Exorcist..................

Sometimes I feel just like a Gerbil must feel running round and round on his wheel until one day I saw this movie that had such very harried happenings that it freaked me out so bad I had to leave the lights on at night for at least a couple of weeks after watching - The Exorcist.  It seriously threw me off the boring wheel and made me think about a lot of things that had never crossed my mind before.  My thoughts were constantly on the evil depicted in the movie and I really began to wonder if this really could be for real.  It was supposedly based on true events regarding a 12 year old boy although they used a girl in the movie.  after that I started hearing and reading about actual events taking place just like in the movie where people were really possessed and had to have a real exorcism to free them from the demonic spirit.  It really makes a person wonder.  So maybe that movie is what made me become a spiritual and if so - thank you for opening my mind to spiritual feelings. 
     Well I'm freezing in here now so have to stop writing.  Later I'll be too hot.  Too bad because I was on a roll.  Just went to writing the minute I picked out the 3 words and ran like a baby lamb running from it's first hair cut.  Thought I was going to have trouble getting started but didn't.  Timing must have been right to write.
    Oh boy - what kind of Gerbil am I?  Running freely without need of a wheel.  Or am I?  Because I can't seem to figure out how to write a book on my own.  Does that mean still running round and round?  Because none of the other options fit at all.  I wish to put this on my blog right now but some smelly smoker sat right next to me and I cannot breathe until he leaves - anyway I need to go outside and thaw out, so will finish this and put this silly 1st lesson on my blog tomorrow. 
     This was fun.  Can't wait for the next lesson.  Wow! If I have this much luck on each lesson - I'll be a writer in no time.  That's good because I'm not getting any younger........only had to write 1 page and I wrote 3.

     O-k decided to go on to the next lesson - have to start out with New Year's Resolutions make me: think and try to pick something I know I can do even if that could be considered cheating.  What ever - It works for me.  If I remember when New Year is coming which I'm apt to miss it because I don't even celebrate it any more - for years now.  I don't miss it a bit either because my party days are long over.  Partied fairly hardy there for awhile in my 30's.  Maybe too hardy.  So I don't even party for my birthday or anyone else's any more.  I try to avoid all party scenes at all costs.  I just stay completely out of the groups who indulge.  Been there, done that, want to do something fun now.  Leaving me alone quite often but not under any influence at all.  I'm sure there are quite a few people out there like me but as far as I know I haven't run across too many yet.  I know there are many things better to do with my time outside.  I love being outside running all over in nature and playing in the water.  There are so many water sports I want to try yet. 
     I just kept going because obviously I was in the mood to write because words were coming so easily.  the next lesson starts out as if you received a post card and has to start out - The post card arrived from a far, far away place.  The post card arrived from a far, far away place - It was from my daughter.  She is in Hawaii with a girlfriend.  She misses us and wants to come home.  I thought it was strange she missed us and wanted to come home.  It was a beautiful sweet card.  She brought us both a gift too.  A beaded necklace for me, beautifully made with colored wooden beads.  I just loved it.  It broke my heart when it broke.  I would have thought she would never want to come back from Hawaii but she missed her brother and I and wanted to come home.  She was there a couple of weeks I guess.  Don't really remember now.  It was a long time ago - when she was still alive.  I wish I had known then that her first sexual experience was a bad one because she had been raped.  I didn't find out right away.  I don't know when I found out, but later.  Later she ran away and I didn't know what had happened to her to change her - turn her into a different person - but I didn't know her any more.  She was hateful.  It didn't happen in Hawaii.  It happened right in our own neighborhood in the town we lived in, where she went to school for years .  I wish I could send the creep that did that to her straight to hell.  He should be tormented because he ruined her and caused her to torment herself.  She lost respect for herself and went wild.  Caught her drunk one night but couldn't tell if she was drunk or on drugs so called the girlfriend's mom and took her and her girlfriend to the hospital where we found out they had also smoked pot in Hawaii.  She was just a mess after that creep did what he did to her.  That's when she got involved again with the one who turned out to be her first husband who as it turned out had been a teenage alcoholic which I didn't find out for a few years later either.  

     Continued my writing with: take the next step - If flying around in an airplane instead of a gerbil's wheel and running freely without a wheel - I would be all over the place in all kinds of mischief.  Running all over the house like a mouse looking for something - what?  Just really inquisitive.  What's that?  What's that for?  Like a kid in a new world.  Going everywhere, trying to see what fits where and why. 
    But if I were flying in a an airplane instead of running round and round in a gerbil's wheel I would fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly............................that's it - blocked on this one.............

     The perfect place to write for me would be in a secluded area, in the woods near a beach.  Or on a beach near the mountains.  I know the perfect place and I had the perfect oppertunity to make it my permanent home but interference stopped me cold - just interrupted - that's enough for now anyway.

Note: This writing lesson, "pick 3 words from the list",  (but not the contents) was taken from the book, "The Write Brain" by Bonnie Neubauer.

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